Music is...
community mural
One of two placemaking works commissioned by Main Street Wadsworth, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Wadsworth, Ohio, this mural celebrates the area's rich musical heritage and activates a newly remodeled parking area that will soon be used as a music & events venue. The composition features "Godfather of Free Jazz" Albert Ayler, and takes its name from his song "Music is the Healing Force of the Universe." Though both walls can stand on their own, they are also unified by a common narrative, carrying elements of one into the other. For this reason, the second wall was titled “...The Healing Force.” This mural had a community component where over 300 people painted over the course of one day during their downtown's First Friday event, which attracts thousands of people to their main street.
• 37' x 14'         
• 2,500+ triangles
This is my mother-in-law who's been in Wadsworth off and on for 50 years! And I've now been here for 40 years. My friend Tina is painting beside us. We were all honored to get to share in this magic of art meeting community! The finished project is incredible. Thank you.
Chris Tackett, Wadsworth resident

That's me and my daughter! It was so nice meeting and chatting with you and your family. Thanks for bringing such beautiful pieces to our community!
Ashley D'Andrea, Wadsworth resident

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