bee in the conference room
• 27.5' x 8.5'
• 3 weeks
• 500+ triangles
• 35+ employees and guests
company engagement · inclusivity · company pride · morale boost · cultural shift · awakened comradery

"Late 2018 I was invited to participate in the painting of a mural created by Jhonattan for Bee Access’s conference room. About a week prior I was diagnosed with cancer and it was weighing heavy on my mind to the point that I couldn’t focus on anything. I’d only planned to paint one section so once I was done I turned in my brush and started to leave. As I was about to exit the building I went back and asked to paint again. Why? Not sure. I just know that I was at peace for the few minutes that I was actually able to focus while I painted. When I left the building that day I was in a different place mentally and will make it a point to visit the conference room every time I make it to Bee Access."
the making of a community mural
step 1: creating the grid and colors
step 2: creating each triangle with artist tape
step 3: laying out a paint-by-number system
step 4: everyone paints!
such as co-workers,
daughters and fathers,
and moms and daughters!
step 5: touch-ups as needed
step 6: removing the tape
step 7: sit back and enjoy the collective effort!

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