Jhonattan Arango “Anón” (born in Camagüey, Cuba) makes geometric, abstract murals and paper art using only triangles. His unique, meticulous triangular language verges on the visionary while choosing to be literal and forthcoming. Widely sought after for large scale projects and community murals, Anón is perhaps best known for his ability to create visual dichotomies, where subjects appear sharp and abstracted from up-close, and slowly change to seamless and organic from a distance. In his work, the rigid, masculine shape of triangles merge together to create a sense of fluidity and achieve balance through the feminine form.
Immigrating to the United States at the age of 13, Anón spent the rest of his childhood in north New Jersey, later joining the Navy as a medic for a number of years. Deployed to the Persian Gulf at the onset of the Iraqi war he witnessed deep level of human suffering, and identified an alikeness in our common search for happiness. Forever changed by the humanizing aspects of war and a complimentary meditation practice, much of his work employs thousands of triangles to incite dialogue around the subject of interconnection, natural order, and self accountability as a bridge to peace. 
Besides making solo murals, Anón works with a community format that allows for audiences to paint murals together. This exploration has led him to facilitate projects where hundreds of spectators commune with one another and become the artists, using collaboration to move past any preconceived differences. 
Anón has had numerous shows and gallery exhibitions, along with a number of city-sponsored  solo and community murals throughout the United States. He holds a BFA in graphic design and pursues a life of art-making with his beloved wife and son in West Palm Beach, Florida.
artist statement
As a muralist and fine-artist I make geometric, abstract murals and paper art using only triangles. I focus on portraiture and wildlife landscapes, and work primarily with murals because I believe in the power of public art as a public service, thriving on and cherishing any opportunity to influence communities through the arts. 
Anón, my artist alias, derives from the Spanish name for the sugar apple; a custardy fruit segmented into many triangular compartments, each containing a seed. It is also half of the word anonymous, chosen to emphasize the collective effort required to bring forth any endeavor. Thus the name is foremost a representation of our interconnection to all things, small and large. The idea of non-separation is communicated through the simplicity of the triangle: with this shape, all shapes are achievable —all forms can bring forth their life. I explore this broad theme by playing with both the size and color of each triangle, bringing attention to each piece as an important part of the larger whole. 
My work is deeply rooted in a developing understanding of suffering as a common human condition, and has taken shape from a range of cultural experiences, including serving in the armed forces as a medic during war times and a meditation practice. With the belief that all are alike in our innate desire to pursue and experience happiness, I utilize triangles to narrate stories of interconnection, natural order, and self-accountability as a bridge to peace. The work focuses and highlights our commonalities and finds nothing else of interest.
Besides working on solo projects, I often employ a community format that allows for audiences to paint murals together, seeking to dissolve the separation between viewer and artist. My intention is to allow a space of co-creation where people are able to move past any preconceived differences through the act of co-creation.
•    2020 Honda Classic Solo Show at EmKo Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL)
•    2019 Conception Art Fair (Wynwood, Miami, FL)
•    2018 Aqua Art Miami — Art Basel Miami ‘18 (Miami Beach, FL)
•    2018/19 EmKo Palm Beach resident shows (WPB, FL)
•    2016 Conception Art Fair — Art Basel Miami ‘16 (Wynwood, Miami, FL)
•    2016 Nicole Henry Fine Art Gallery (WPB, FL)
•    2016 CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show ‘16 gala (WPB, FL)
•    2015 Studio/429 show (WPB, FL)
•    2014/15 Art House 429 (WPB, FL)
•    2020 "Intergalactic Peace" mural installation, Seismique Art Museum, Houston, TX (204'x20')
•    2020 "The Macaw and the Toucan", Primestones, WPB, FL (21'x9') (community mural)
•    2019 "Love, Montclair", Montclair, NJ (95'x26')
•    2019 "Iris", Montclair, NJ (21'x9') (community)
•    2019 "One Giant Leap", Cape Canaveral, FL (80’x23’) 
•    2018 Bee Access Products, WPB, FL (27’x8.5’) (community)
•    2018 Rosemary Ave. “world’s longest road mural”, WPB, FL (1.2 miles) — crew
•    2017 Hilton West Palm Beach, WPB, FL (13’x4.5’)
•    2017 Transitions Float Studio, Juno Beach, FL (10’x8’) (community)
•    2017 Crafthaus, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (10’x6’)
•    2017 Harold’s Coffee, WPB, FL (5’x3’) (community)
•    2016 VeggieFruit, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (13’x10’) (community)
•    2016 CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show, WPB, FL (40’x10’) (community)
•    2016 Aura Music Festival, Live Oak, FL (8’x4’) (community)
•    2015 EmKo Palm Beach, WPB, FL (10’x10’) — installation
•    2015 Garage VV, Northwood, WPB, FL (41’x17’)
•    2015 Celis Produce, WPB, FL (12’x8’) (community)
•    2014 Cirque Nightclub, Clematis, WPB, FL (10’x8’)
•    2014 Lost Weekend, Clematis, WPB, FL (8’x8’)
•    2014 Pawnshop Nightclub, Clematis, WPB, FL (16’x16’)
paper media, murals, digital arts, architectural drawing, 
mapping and drafting, hand-lettering, graphic design
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