Besides making solo murals, we work with an inclusive community mural format that allows for people to paint our murals with us—regardless of age or skill level—while still achieving professional results. We have facilitated over a dozen projects where hundreds of spectators become the artists, using art as an agent for peaceful, dynamic community building. The sight and impact of people working together in this way is wonderful beyond words. In a way, the process yields a sort of mental real estate comparable to tangible ownership; it turns a public space into “our space —the place where I collaborated with others.” 
Community building is at the heart of our work and we feel is closely tied to our purpose for creating. We feel the element of collaboration has the ability to further connect people to public artwork in a meaningful and unique way, but most importantly, it connects us all to each other in a safe, intentional space.
Anon’s community project at the CANVAS Gala offered the opportunity for anyone and everyone to experience creating beautiful art. Rather than simply observing his work, Anon warmly invited everyone to actively participate in the creation of an exquisite composition. The concept was a powerful message of synergy for both the artist and the viewer as we were no longer isolated into one category or the other. The project awakened event attendees as it evoked loving energy and feelings of connectedness and empowerment among all...
At an Art Gala -a setting that often creates division by promoting exclusivity as something to be desired, Anon’s idea boldly tore down those boundaries. He bridged the gap between the viewer and the creator by welcoming all individuals and encouraging them to share in a profound experience of collectively creating something beautiful. This was something that grew my understanding of the limitations we place on ourselves when we label the “artist” and the “observer.” As an artist, it made me realize and question my own distorted notions of an “us” and “them” mentality as we all shared in this powerful movement.
—Jessica Dadiomoff
   fine artist (
Late 2018 I was invited to participate in the painting of a mural created by Jhonattan for Bee Access’s conference room. About a week prior I was diagnosed with cancer and it was weighing heavy on my mind to the point that I couldn’t focus on anything. I’d only planned to paint one section so once I was done I turned in my brush and started to leave. As I was about to exit the building I went back and asked to paint again. Why? Not sure. I just know that I was at peace for the few minutes that I was actually able to focus while I painted. When I left the building that day I was in a different place mentally and will make it a point to visit the conference room every time I make it to Bee Access. 
    Bee Access Product's employee
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