Created for CRE8IVE 2023 mural festival in Rockford, Illinois, this narrative sought inspiration in the site's proximity to some of the breathtaking landmarks nearby, such as the Nicholas Conservatory, the Anderson Japanese Gardens, and the lush charm of the Sinnissippi Park. We also wanted to frame a moment in time that exudes simplicity, but that also conveys the complex, inextricable connection exhibited by all living beings. The title Coevolution is an ode to this relationship; the pollinator is so connected to the flower that it becomes difficult to imagine one without the other. They are coded within each other's most fundamental needs, fully interdependent. It's a partnership that bears fruit over lifetimes, also affecting the way in which these biological processes physically evolve, behave, think, and live. Stylistically, the composition is entirely made up of triangles connected by their edges, also speaking to the interconnection of all things. With thousands of triangles telling this story, it becomes apparent to see how each piece, regardless of color and size, is an integral part of the whole. 
• 108' x 12'        
• 1,700+ triangles

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