it takes a village!

• 12' x 8'
• 2 weeks
• 500+ triangles
• 50+ new and existing customers
customer engagement · community-building · grand opening experience · marketing material via social media · local culture development · local arts sponsorship
"With great social infrastructure comes flourishing community and most importantly, healthy, happy people. It is crucial for our species to feel accepted and feel we are part of a greater world beyond that which we create in our own homes. People of all ages, races and economic stature came together here for a shared project. [...] Giving the people a number and a paint brush here was giving them a physical tool of contribution in their own flourishing city- a seed. I’d never experienced such vast satisfaction, such greater feeling of togetherness from any group of strangers. There was something truly remarkable happening here. It was a pivotal day for the people and the city of West Palm Beach. The birth of yet another great public space. Celis felt like it was everyone's and the mural —well, that was everyone."
-Nicolas Dominguez, photographer

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