How does it work?
It works as a paint-by-number system. All triangles (the skeleton) are first created with 1/8” artist tape, and then primed with a clear primer to prevent bleed (paint “bleeding” under the tape.) When the person comes up to paint, they will notice the triangles are numbered, and will be asked to select the paint jar corresponding to that number. It’s an easy, effective system and people can paint as much as they want of the same, or different colors.
How many can paint
at a time?
Depending on the estimated number of participants and the size of the wall, an appropriate portion of the mural is ready to paint so as to maximize participation. Typically, many people can paint at the same time.
Any special requirements?
Only to come ready to paint! There are no special rules or considerations other than to have fun and enjoy the process.
What if someone paints
outside the line?​
We created this system with general participation in mind. In the all-too-common case of someone painting outside the lines, because of a number of fail-safes we can easily touch-up any area afterwards. We encourage people to have fun and not worry about mistakes as everything is fixable.
How long does it take to
set up and complete?
The community mural portion is started a few days before the designated Community Painting Day(s). After an event is complete, we touch up all areas to ensure proper coverage.
How long does a community mural last?
It behaves exactly the same as a solo mural. We high quality acrylic paint (Golden acrylics) with an added special polymer designed to enhance longevity. Additionally, we use isolation layers to separate the acrylic from the wall underneath, preventing adverse chemical reactions. Lastly, we finish with an UV resistant/anti-graffiti topcoat to make sure the mural stays clean and vibrant for many years to come.
Does the quality suffer? Is it different than a solo mural?
The quality never suffers on a community mural. In fact, the community areas are indistinguishable from any other portion of the mural. The design could be very complex and still accessible to a two-year-old with a brush. The paint-by-number ensures the colors are exactly where they should be, and the fail-safes ensure that anything is quickly fixable.
Is the mural finished faster since there are many people working on it?
Historically, it can add an extra day or two to complete, since we survey and touch-up any area that needs correction before sealing it.
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